Technologies Used: was originally a website representing a business in my family, Gentle Doberman Kennel. After that business was retired, I converted into an informational website with the new purpose of educating people on the Doberman Pinscher breed. Soon I added a Simple Machines Forum discussion forum. In 2009 I converted the whole site to the Drupal platform and created a custom theme and a customization module. New functionality included user created pet profile pages and photo galleries, points earned for writing posts, a wealth of administration tools for me, and a muli-layered defense against spam which has nearly eliminated it as a problem. currently has over 3000 registered users who have created over 70,000 forum posts, 520 photo galleries, and 750 pet profiles. Added to my original 200 articles, user profiles, and other user accessible pages, has 24,800 pages indexed by Google, as seen here. This content results in purely organic traffic of around 45,000 unique visitors and 175,000 page views per month, which produces an increasing revenue stream.

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